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GCW Rules

GCW Rules (Must Read) by kiddwest
Below are a general outline of the rules in GCW. For more depth information, check out the Introduction to GCW.

- At least one RP every two weeks for every match your character is involved in (additional roleplays and backstage skits can be done in the character development boards)
- There is no Upper Limit Word Count. Instead they will be judged based on Quality over Quantity
- Don't speak/act for other wrestlers in your RP without permission.
- Foul language/violence is allowed, knock yourself out. As long as it remains in-character, say what you will.

Who decides who wins? And what are RP' judged on?
Competitive RP's will be judged by a team assembled from members of creative who have no ties and biases towards a match.
The creative members include:
Kidd West: Owner
Darius Seeiso: Creative Member
Jensen: Creative Member

Sometimes members of the GCW Forums may be asked to judge on a match in the case that a member of creative cannot vote and a tie breaker will be needed.

What are we looking for in RP's?
- Character Development: Have your character grow and grow within the confines of your own entertaining story within the GCW-Verse
- Spelling/Grammar: Legibility will help if a judge can read and understand your rp. Mistakes can be made, you won't be marked down for it as accidents happen
- Feud/Storyline Development: In developing a feud, you can submit segments to  the show, these can be backstage interviews, in-ring promo's, vignettes, your imagination is the only limiting factor in these segments. It just helps that they either build up your character or build up their feud.
- Your reply to opponent will NOT be judged: Replies are considered unofficial and will not be judged, this is to prevent people from running down the clock and posting at a time when an opponent cannot reply. If you do wish to submit a reply then please post it in Backstage Development so as not to clutter the Roleplays intended for the show

RP Do's
- At least 1 RP every 2 week
- Develop your character
- Develop your feud/storyline

RP Don'ts
- Don't use other players characters without permission
- Don't post replies to your opponents RP in the Card thread, instead post them in Backstage Development
- Don't kill off members of the GCW staff, we can't afford to replace Terry Kohl every couple of weeks XD

When are RP's due by?
RP Window typically closes at 3pm EST on a Friday unless stated otherwise. Extensions are allowed, just ask a creative team member either by DM or on our official Discord chat

When are show results and new cards posted?

Friday Night Vindication results are posted on either Sunday or Monday depending on the availability of the Match Writing staff. We host four ppv's which can be seen in our PPV schedule area. These replace 1 Vindication every 3 months. New cards are posted after the last show.

What if I'm busy or going on vacation?
Just let us know. You aren't required to RP every week, whatever the reason is, if you cannot RP this week let us know so we can make sure not to book you.

I have a story line idea for my character. Can I use it?
Yes, we encourage all wrestlers to approach creative if they have an idea for a feud, segment etc. This is solely to allow us to plan around and help the players build the feuds. We write the shows out, so knowing you would like a promo and to be booked in a feud against another Roleplayer helps us keep things running :)

Can I write a promo for the show?
Yes, once again wrestlers are encouraged to write promos for their character if they want to continue a story or feud etc. Just send it to creative through the site or discord and we will put it in the show.

Can I be Stone Cold Steve Austin?
Unfortunately no, GCW thrives on being based off of created characters using actual wrestlers as a base. If you want to be a beer drinking southern badass then knock yourself out, just don't be called Stone Cold Steve Austin ;)

Where can I find more information?
In GCW we primarily communicate through a discord Server. Here you will find all the other wrestlers and discussions on pretty much anything. So, if you have any questions, follow this link: and we will happily answer your questions.


Kenji Yamada: To anyone who has recently signed up to GCW please check out our Discord Page for more information and to chat with all the other wrestlers Jun 9, 2017 21:29:01 GMT
dannygordy: any openings in this fed? Jun 11, 2017 22:32:57 GMT
Kenji Yamada: Openings are always open Jun 12, 2017 12:27:28 GMT
Kenji Yamada: Not sure where to go or what to do? send me a message and i'll help you out as much as I can! Jun 13, 2017 21:18:41 GMT
dannygordy: I think I'm got my way learning my way aroun d here. intro promo is up so just ready for a challenge. Jun 15, 2017 3:34:48 GMT
johnnyboy: Hey all, i'm about to join Jul 9, 2017 22:58:52 GMT
Kenji Yamada: sweet man nice to have you on board Jul 9, 2017 23:07:43 GMT
Kenji Yamada: if you want to, join our discord. that is where we talk more. Jul 9, 2017 23:08:46 GMT
Kenji Yamada: and if you have any questions just hit me up Jul 9, 2017 23:13:41 GMT
frankdemola: Hey guys, looking for a low key place to roleplay. Not quite sure what character I want to play yet. CREATIVE! Any niche you need fulfilled? Aug 18, 2017 4:21:42 GMT
kiddwest: We don't really have particular 'Niche's' to be filled. We do have a Hardcore Division and a decent Midcard looking for expansion potential Aug 18, 2017 20:03:01 GMT
VWA_Wrestling: Are you guys still open Nov 4, 2017 2:02:40 GMT
kiddwest: fucketh off Nov 4, 2017 8:54:42 GMT *
VWA_Wrestling: I would like to get my fed affiliated with yours Nov 10, 2017 16:08:18 GMT
VWA_Wrestling: <a href=""><img src="" width="88" height="100"></a> is my site stuff you need to add it to your affiliates Nov 10, 2017 16:09:15 GMT
VWA_Wrestling: v Nov 21, 2017 14:25:58 GMT
UWA promotion: Dec 6, 2017 19:05:56 GMT
UWA promotion: I would like to have new veterans, I do not mean to steal anybody. We are trying to reach as many people as possible. We have been away from e-fed for a while. Dec 6, 2017 19:06:37 GMT
Jens: UWA Promotion: The site has been moved here: Dec 7, 2017 0:08:29 GMT *
kiddwest: might resuscitate this Oct 20, 2018 22:11:05 GMT
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